Key lime cheesecake

One of my pet peeves is the difference in the measurement units used in recipes across the world. Just like a traveller that always needs to have a converter at hand, when baking, I often find myself with the smartphone, asking Siri what 350 Fahrenheit converts to in Celsius, how many grams there are in a cup of flour, and what exactly does it mean to use 6 spoons of butter.

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to measuring in the kitchen: the “volumetric” and the “weight” based school. The volumetric uses cups and spoons, while the weight-based uses grams for solids and millilitres for liquids. Volumetric measures will ask you to add half a cup of onions or a teaspoon of vanilla, while weight-based measurements will ask for 150 grams of white chocolate or 250 mL of Guinness. 

Conversions exist between the two systems, and many cookbooks provide both measurements, so it is for the cook to decide which one she will follow. If asked to chose between the two, I will be firmly in the weight-based, or rather, the SI system camp. However, I am a bit more pragmatic, so I often use tablespoons to measure small amounts of liquids for salad dressing or smaller amounts of sugar. 

Yesterday, I felt a bit like these limes: 

Limes. Drained and zested.

Limes. Drained and zested.

It has been a long week, and it is still going. But I needed to make dessert, so I made dessert. 

Because I was quite tired, I wanted to make a simple dessert, and the key like cheesecake I picked up somewhere looked both delicious and straightforward to make. The only frustration was that the recipe uses cups and spoons, so there was a bit of an effort included in converting the measurements into the SI system. Siri helped. 

You can find the original recipe on the lovely My baking addiction blog, or you can try to read my printed version: 

If it does not have stains, it ain't used.

If it does not have stains, it ain’t used.

I modified the recipe slightly, but I was not meticulous enough to jot down the changes. I am sure, though, that if you follow the original recipe it will come out beautifully. I made one mistake: I pressed the cookie base down, so it was too hard when eating, so there was a bit of unplanned exercise while eating this dessert. 

I will surely make this again, it looks so lovely in repurposed jam jars. 

The final product. The boyfriend was happy.

The final product. The boyfriend was happy.



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