Pumpkin soup

It is September, the month of plenty. The stores are filling with fruits and vegetables ripened in the summer heat, and one of my favourites is pumpkin. Combine that with the lowering of temperatures, and the boyfriend being away—he is always away and is not a lover of soups—I decided to make pumpkin soup.

I start every soup in the same way: a diced onion, a couple of sliced sticks of celery, and diced carrots sautéed with some olive oil. For the pumpkin soup, I added half a medium Hokkaido pumpkin (deseeded and chopped into large cubes), some curry powder (yes, curry powder), and a stock cube. I added boiling water from a kettle (of the Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals fame) so that it just covers the vegetables, seasoned with salt and pepper, and let simmer for about 15 min. I pureed it with a stick blender, and served with some whole grain bread. Dinner of champions… and people who spent the weekend stuffing their face with the best that Novalja has to offer.

Pumpkin soup is like a hug from inside. 

Pumpkin soup is like a hug from inside.


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