What we ate last week

I like it when a good plan comes together. In fact, I am a firm believer in making plans. I noticed that I get much more done if I stop for some minutes—could be a couple, could be a couple dozen, depending on the task—to plan out what I intend to do. Weeknight cooking is no exception. For the second week, I have taken about half an hour on a Saturday to plan out the week in food, and I find it very easy to just look up my list and execute what I have carefully planned before. So, here it is, our week in food.

Monday: chicken thighs and hasselback potatoes in the oven. The most convenient aspect of this recipe is that you can whack everything in the oven, and do something else while the chicken is becoming golden and crisp. Served with some lettuce, or a salad of your choice, it certainly is not a dinner to cry about.

Tuesday: I was attending a screening of a documentary about the pioneer programmers, women who programmed in the ENIAC project. The boyfriend, meanwhile, enjoyed some sous vide lamb racks. More on this in due time.

Wednesday: beef and carrot stew in the slow cooker. I come back to my slow cooker time and time again. I cannot overstate how wonderful it is to come back home, with the smell of a nice beef stew filling the kitchen. What is between me an the dinner is a side. And if I decide to be decadent, I might pick up some really nice bread on the way home, and use it to mop up the juices, instead of the usual sides, such as rice or potatoes.

Thursday: fish curry. I had some resistance in the household about this one, completely undeserved, if I may say so. This is another very simple dish, if you have the right ingredients: some masaman curry paste in the pantry, and some vegetables, kaffir leaves, and fish in the deep-freeze. Really beautiful, either with rice, or zucchetti spaghetti.

Friday: herby bean sausage stew. We have some very nice Italian sausages here. Fry them in a pan, and add to a tomato sauce with rosemary and thyme, to that add a can of drained canellini beans, and you have yourself a dinner fit for royalty.

… and now excuse me, fish, chips, and mushy peas need my attention.


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