What we ate last week

Another week went by without taking too many photos. It often happens that we are too hungry to take that extra minute or two to shoot a couple of nice photos. I have an idea of making a photo setup close to the window, i.e., natural light, so that taking a few appetising photos is even easier. In the meantime, I will list what we ate, and leave the visualisation to the imagination of the reader.

Monday: lamb, but I do not know the name of the cut we had. For most meats, the heuristic I use when buying relies on the price: high price indicates a tender, fast-cooking cut, while low price indicates a tough, stewing cut. This one was a tender cut, and we prepared it in the precision cooker, blowtorching it afterwards. Alongside, some rice with peas, curry powder, and onions; zucchetti spaghetti; and salad. Seriously good.

Tuesday: scrunch-top filo pie. A base of pine nuts, spinach, goat’s cheese, eggs, tomatoes, and nutmeg is topped with oiled chunks of filo pastry and baked in the oven until crispy (recipe from Reader’s Digest Pies, Tarts, and Puddings). I made half the dose to fill my small white dish, and I cheated with frozen spinach, a cheat well worth it.

Wednesday: fish, chips, and mushy peas. Wait. Don’t get too excited. This is not the artery clogging delicious version prepared in the deep fryer. It is nice, and it is baked in the oven, without breading, and in the original recipe, without potatoes. Instead of deep fried potatoes, chunks of celery and carrot are baked in the oven with some thyme. Instead of the deep fried battered fish, I used frozen cod topped with lemon slices. Instead of the mushy peas, this version used broccoli, spinach, and peas. As I said, nice, but as far away from the advertised recipe as one of Donna Hay’s creations.

Thursday: lamb köfte, tabouleh, and lettuce. All recipes are from the wonderful book Persiana and they are definitely worth repeating. The köfte were a bit soft, and for next time I should squeeze the mixture a bit more when shaping.

Friday: vegetarian extravaganza (all from the River Cottage Veg cookbook). We had guests over, so I prepared a small spread of vegetarian dishes to share. For future reference, if you want to freak out a Dutch person, instruct them to eat something with their hands. I prepared the following:

  • Beet tarte tatin. Impressive and easy, if you use a couple of cheats: pre-cooked beet and pre-made puff pastry. Alongside a dressing made with spring onions, English mustard, vinegar, rapseed oil, salt, and pepper. The contrast of the green dressing and the purple beets was really beautiful.
  • Hummus. With the new food processor, I predict this will be on the menu more often.
  • Caponata, served with baby potatoes.This is a thick vegetable sauce with olives and capers. The mixture of vegetables most prominently features aubergine and tomato. The aubergine needs to be fried in a pan until dark brown and salted really well, and then it tastes divine. I loved this dish, the boyfriend was not a fan.
  • Durum bread and lettuce, on the side.
  • Lemon frozen yogurt, home-made, of course.

Saturday: salmon with a parsley, lemon, and parmesan crust; risotto with peas; oven-baked vegetables; lettuce; cherry cheesecake. Much appreciated dinner of old classics.

Sunday: vegetable frittata. Oldie, but goodie.


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