Chana Aloo: curried chickpeas and potatoes

2015-08-11 13.16.06

In my exploration of the World’s cuisines, I turned my attention to Indian cuisine. And just as with every new topic, I find a book that will help me with the first steps. I have to try out a few more recipes before making the final judgement, but for now, Anupy Singla’s book Indian for everyone is proving very useful.

For a noob like me, the recipe is quite elaborate, but I am sure that seasoned Indian chefs would consider it easy. I will not copy here the two densely packed pages of detailed instructions. Instead, I promise to be in search of patterns, things that are in common to many Indian recipes, just as a mirepoix is for my everyday recipes.

One general comment was that I thought the chickpeas were a bit al dente, despite being cooked for over an hour. Perhaps next time, a pressure cooker will be needed.


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