What we ate last week

Monday: palok dal, chana aloo, and naan bread. We continued our exploration of the Indian cuisine with a vegetarian dinner. One rookie mistake I made was using green lentils instead of red lentils. But it was still yummy.

Tuesday: Saffron and lemon chicken and cumin rice or cauliflower rice. This was a beautiful combination of flavour, one we will be surely repeating. The cauliflower rice was a first attempt of this low-carb side: blitz the frozen cauliflower in the food processor, add some salt and a few kaffir lime leaves, and microwave on full power for 3 minutes. So easy, so low calorie, so tasty.

Wednesday: minestrone with Ticino sausage and beans. An old staple.

Thursday: minted pea and sesame falafel with tabouleh and yogurt. We had some discussions over this alternative falafel. It turns out it is not as trivial to prepare as I anticipated (read: it was an epic fail). We will give falafel another try, and then I will report back.

Friday: Trout en papillote with sliced fennel, lemons, and potatoes. Very nice, very appropriate for a Friday. Washed down with some wine.


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