What we ate last week

Saturday lunch: tomato soup and bread. I have no shame in using tinned tomatoes for the soup, as it is far better than the tomatoes we can get in the store; and when the tomatoes are nice, I prefer to eat them in a salad, rather than cook them. I added a dash of smoked paprika to the soup, and it really lifted the flavour.

Saturday dinner: north indian chicken curry, cumin rice or cauliflower rice, palak dal, and mango ice cream. I am continuing my exploration of Indian cuisine, and I am really loving the journey.

Sunday dinner: we were invited to our friends’ place, for a taste of Mexican cuisine.

Monday: vegetable moussaka. Or is it Greek-inspired vegetable oven bake? I get confused…

Tuesday: chicken in the oven with thyme and onions; lemon risotto. This is a real summer joy of a dinner, light and tasty.

Wednesday: Persian lamb and split pea stew with home-made preserved lemons. I was searching high and low for the preserved lemons, and in the end decided to make them myself. Very easy, all it takes are the right bacteria and time (not thyme). The dish was very nice, but also very overpowering. I am still learning to balance the flavours, so I hope next time (not thyme) will be better.

Thursday: leftovers. Bits and pieces of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Friday: Jamie Oliver’s spaghetti and meatballs. Not sure if I blogged about this one before. If not, it is long overdue.


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