Ideas for a potluck

It is very nice to go to a party, and even nicer if you bring some food to the party. Here are a few ideas to bring to a potluck:

  1. Spanish frittata. This is a winner on all accounts: it is tasty, easy to make, cheap, and vegetarian. To feed 6 to 8 as a part of a buffet, you will need about three large potatoes, three large onions, nine eggs, salt, olive oil, a handful of chopped Gruyere, and a small pot of patience.
  2. Pasta, zucchini, beans, and chorizo salad. Continuing the Spanish theme, you can make a wonderfully tasty dish by frying chorizo, chopped zucchini, and beans, and mixing it all with some cooked pasta.
  3. Hummus. Leaving Spain, we are off to one of the Arabic countries. At the party we went to, this was quite a hit, so I will surely be doubling the quantities for next time. The Turkish bread I bought was perfect to scoop the hummus.
  4. Double chocolate cookies. Chocolate, butter, eggs, and sugar. Even if you make two cardinal mistakes, this will still taste great. Brutti ma buoni is the motto here.

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